In Madden NFL 21, having a great Fullback in your squad can be the difference between a victory and a loss in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT).

Generally strong and muscular, they should also be quite fleet-footed and quick if you see an opportunity to exploit defensive lapses on the opposition formation, especially when your quarterback is already pressured on the turn.

Still, if you’re new to MUT, getting yourself a dependable fullback to cover your halfback can become a bit tricky due to the fluctuation of prices in the in-game Auction House.

That is why you should consider these players as your initial Fullbacks of the team, whom commonly cost you less than 10k MUT coins each:

1) Kyle Juszczyk (San Farncisco 49ers, Core Elite): OVR 84

– A dependable and experienced fullback in NFL, his great reading of plays on the field gives you the best chances of converting those early offensive plays into scoring setups. Able to protect your teammates on the fly, his good ball carrying abilities can also allow you to utilize him as the forward runner if a loophole can be found on the opposition defensive formation.

  • Stiff Arm, SFA (Ball Carrier): 86
  • Carrying, CAR (Ball Carrier): 85
  • Awareness, AWA (General): 85
  • Trucking, TRK (Ball Carrier): 83
  • Lead Block, LBK (Blocking): 83
  • Acceleration, ACC (General): 82

2) Alec Ingold (Las Vegas Raiders, Superstar MVPs): 82

The young American isn’t the best at sprinting, but he is still noticeably quick for those short burst runs through the middle. Still, it is his adept awareness on the field which makes him invaluable to his teammates, ensuring the ball carrier is protected while also trusting him with to run with the ball if an opportunity presents itself.

  • Acceleration, ACC (General): 84
  • Carrying, CAR (Ball Carrier): 83
  • Lead Block, LBK (Blocking): 82
  • Awareness, AWA (General): 81
  • Jumping, JMP (General): 79
  • Trucking, TRK (Ball Carrier): 79

3) Patrick Ricard (Baltimore Ravens, Core Elite): 82

– Big and strong, Ricard is the epitome of an agile blocker, capable of running at speeds while also standing his ground against opponents’ tackles. If your Halfbacks require a decent protector at the back, Ricard should definitely be on your initial list.

  • Lead Block, LBK (Blocking): 85
  • Impact Block, IBL (Blocking): 83
  • Strength, STR (General): 82
  • Awareness, AWA (General): 81
  • Carrying, CAR (Ball Carrier): 80
  • Acceleration, ACC (General): 79

4) Cortez Thaddeus “C.J.” Ham (Minnesota Vikings, Superstar MPVs): OVR 81

– Another mainstay in gridiron football, CJ Ham is astoundingly quick and agile, making him a very viable option to become a halfback of the team too. Still, what makes him a fullback is his ability to go all-in against opposition rushes towards the ball carrier, protecting his teammate for a clear run towards the end opponents’ zones.

  • Acceleration, ACC (General): 86
  • Carrying, CAR (Ball Carrier): 85
  • Jumping, JMP (General): 84
  • Trucking, TRK (Ball Carrier): 82
  • Speed, SPD (General): 81
  • Awareness, AWA (General): 81

5) Jakob Johnson (New England Patriots, Autumn Blast): OVR 80

– The German has been in American football throughout most of his professional career, starting out at Stuttgart Scorpions after graduation. Now, he is respected by many of his fellow compatriots for his great teamwork and ball-carrying abilities, making him a fine addition to your starting MUT squad.

  • Lead Block, LBK (Blocking): 83
  • Strength, STR (General): 82
  • Awareness, AWA (General): 81
  • Trucking, TRK (Ball Carrier): 81
  • Impact Block, IBL (Blocking): 81
  • Carrying, CAR (Ball Carrier): 80

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Madden NFL 21 – Cheap Fullbacks for Early Game
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