There are many skilled and competent coaches. But if you have been around the various fitness and training centers, you can not fail to discover that unfortunately there are also some who are less skilled.

There is also a big difference in what the different trainers specialize in. Some do most in developing muscle mass, others train athletes for the stage and some work mostly with weight loss. In addition, there are also the more sport-specific ones who work to make an athlete perform better in his sport. Find out what it is you need and what it is you have of desires with Ido Fishman now.


When it comes to achieving great results, the chemistry between you and your coach is of great importance. The communication between coach and client is crucial, and if the two people have difficulty understanding and finding each other, then the best qualifications, goals and intentions can have difficult conditions. We all know that you are not quite on the same wavelength. It is first and foremost the personal trainer’s responsibility to make himself understood and make the collaboration run.

It is therefore very important that you choose the right personal trainer who has the skills to help you achieve your goals in a way that fits into your everyday life. Have a non-committal conversation with the personal trainer before starting a course and spending your money, and find out if the trainer is the right one to help you.

Your own responsibility

When people hire a personal trainer, they often forget that it is their own responsibility. One must be ready to make an effort. If you are not aware of this from the start, it is of course the personal trainer’s responsibility to get his client to this understanding. But if you hire a personal trainer, it is your project, and therefore your responsibility, that your efforts match the project. The coach can provide guidance, structure, advice and support, but he or she cannot perform the training for you.

Too many people shop around for the next health trend and the latest slimming trend. These are people who are constantly buying solutions to get in the shape that they dream of. As a personal trainer, you often come across the people who have previously tried various home training tools and who have often thrown money after miracle cures and cures. But nothing ever works. An effort must always be made, and your effort is not just about throwing the money on the table.

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